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As a registered non profit charity we are in a position to help when a family member is diagnosed with Cancer. With your help we can assist where it’s needed most at that time. Mortgage payments, car payments, kids tuition, utility bills don’t care if you have cancer, they just want to get paid.

Most often the family suffers because of lost time from work and reduced income. That’s where we come in. With your donations we can give money to these families to cover the bills until treatment levels off and everyone gets back to normal.

Your generous donations go directly to a family to keep them going and hopefully to keep their spirits up during a very tough and trying time. Make no mistake everyone in a family is affected by cancer. Not just immediate family but extended families members too. Friends will also be there when you need them. A little extra money for trips to the hospital, parking, meals or whatever is needed takes a little bit of the burden off everyone so they can concentrate on the one who needs them the most.

We know there are charities collecting donations for cancer research. They are very important and do good work. Someday there will be a cure because of the generous people in our country that donate to these organizations. We want to be the organization that directly helps in the aftermath of a terrible diagnosis. When the doctor says “You have cancer” a million things go through your mind. One of those things we can help with and that’s our mission.

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We appreciate your donation. It will go directly to a family in need.